The 45th reunion was small but fun.  Check this site from time to time to learn about future events.  There will be a 50th in 2020.  Be sure to keep your email address on this site up to date.  All information will be broadcast from this site.  No information will be mailed.  If you haven't registered your information on this site, please do so now.  

  Please register on the Classmates Page!!!  Or leave comments on the Guestbook page.  And please keep us posted of any changes to your contact information for future events (50th mixer/picnic/reunion)

Planning for the 50th reunion has begun!  Please keep checking back and update your information or update missing classmates.  
Reunion Poll
Will you be at the reunion?

YES! I will definitely be there and wouldn't miss it "For all the Santa Maria Style BBQ IN THE WORLD".
MAYBE... I want to come but need to check my schedule and/or it depends on who else is coming.
NO. I can't get away that weekend and/or I don't feel like socializing.
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