45th Reunion Planning Committee

Katy Worden Holicky  (KaAnWoHo52@outlook.com)
Judy Rivas Dal Porto  (jdp7477@aol.com)
Pam Perry Silva  (psilva52@gmail.com)

40th Reunion Planning committee:

Pamela Green George    
Barbara Costley-Adams                                      
Carmen Gardner Holman              
Judy Rivas Dal Porto                                         
Kathryn Worden Holicky 805-264-2390               
Pamela Perry Silva
Elaine Koyama Gilmer                                         
John Diego

Contact Gerry Starowicz at

I realize it's almost 2 years away, but the 50th reunion will be upon us before we know it!  Taking suggestions and volunteers!  Contact Katy Worden Holicky @ KaAnWoHo52@outlook.com or leave a message on the website.  Working on getting a Facebook page up and running also!