Please help us find all our classmates!  We would like to reach as many people as we can!  Also, if you know of any classmates who have passed away, please contact me, Katy (Worden) Holicky @ 1110 East Sunset, Santa Maria, CA  93454 or at so that I can update that information, as well.
The planning committee is looking for names and addresses, we need your help!
Please review the list of names below - we are lacking a physical + email address for each one. We want to make sure everyone is invited to our reunion and promise ALL contact information is kept safe and secure and used only for purposes of mailing an invitation.

We will not give away or sell your information to anyone, for any reason, at any time. The address database is strictly confidential and used only by Righetti Planning Committee members.
Allen, Gary
Aracon, Joe Ann
Arca Blanco, Christina
Bailey, Shawna
Barnes, Anita
Beard, Lana
Benton, Evalyn
Berg, Kathy
Bicknell, Gail
Blackmer, Robert
Boelmier, Libby
Boyd Salonon, Barbara
Boyd, Beverly
Bridges, Martha
Campbell, Kenny
Carr, Tim
Castaneda, Ramona
Castaneda, Raymond
Castro, Tamara
Caswell, Ricky
Chapman, Barbara
Chestnut, Steve
Choute, Robert
Clark, Brad
Clements Hampton, Linda
Cordero, Irene
Cox, Neal
Crank, Mary
Crank, Susan
Crist, Gary
Crockett, David
Crook Lewis, Karen
Dake, Joe
Davis, Cheryl
Daw, Bob
DeLeon, David
DeLeon, Maggie
DeRosa, Chris
Destefano, Julie
Drake, Randy
Dutton, Don
Edgington, Cindy
Estep, Ron
Fagan, Steve
Ferguson, Roberta
Fierro, Jimmy
Forsythe, Paul
Frymire, Betsy
Garcia Reynosa, Lupe
Graves, Brad
Griffin, Phil
Gustafson, Richard
Hale, Cynthia
Hamilton, Jim
Hardwick, Cynthia
Hart, Connie
Hendricks, Robin
Hernandez, Tony
Herrmann, Eva
Hill, Charlie
Hill, Jeff
Hill, Vickie
Hoffman, Kris
Howard, Debby
Husted, Richard
Hyuck, Renard
Ice, Terry
Jacobson, Dana
Jantzen, Karen
Jennings, Marilynn
Johnson, Peter
Jones, Debbie
Keiper, Jay
Kerns, Frank
Knowles, Judy
Kolde, Steven
Kritz, Christine
LaBre, Eugene
LaForce, Russell
Lewis, Ralph
Littlejohn, Nina
Lord, Joseph
Lovett, John
Lyons, Scott
Mandarin, Judy
Malmen, Pam
Maltsberger, Mike
Marshburn, Stan
Martin, William
Matherly, Mark
McCall, Robert
McCreery Hobbs, Madalynne (Cindy)
McCullock, Brad
McGowan, Elaine
McGrew, Robert
McVay, Dennis
Meredith, Linda
Mick Hatton, Jacqueline
Mitchell, Cheryl
Modorin, Judy
Morss, Ken
Morton, Margaret
Motley, John
Nash, Mike
Nesbit, Vickie
Ogden, David
Ogle, Tom
Okamoto, Kathy
O'Neal, Carl
Pabst, Bill
Patterson, Jim
Payne, Richard
Perez, Julien
Phelps, Lynne
Phillips, Rebecca
Pico, Albert
Price, Steve
Priddy, Diane
Quayle, Allen
Ramirez Castro, Rosa
Reed, Gail
Rhodes, JoAnn
Robin, Terri
Robles, Vickie
Ruiz, Theresa
Rush, Kathy
Ryan, Harold
San Diego, Dollie
Sarellano, Sylvia
Schneider, Don
Shelite, Richard
Skillman, Sherry
Smith, Mike
Smothers, Connie
Stansbery, Judy
Stansel, Karen
Stebbins, Kenneth
Stone Owings, Janet
Strong, Janet
Taporco, Richard
Tarver, Jeff
Tarver, Tanya
Thompson, Greg
Tratt, Chris
Ulrich, Joachim
Vangalder, San
Velasquez, Gilbert
VonAchen, Diane
Walker, Evelyn
Walker, Richard
Watson, Jerry
Webendorfer, Cyndy
Weedman, Judith
Williams, Charles
Williams, Lendy
Willingham, Leroy
Wilson, Kathleen
Wilson, Randy
Wood Ingalls, Cindy
Yaddow, John
Yates, Rosalee
York, Ken
Young, Melanie
Zachry, William
Zinser, Janet
Zuber, Mike

This is what remains of everyone that attended Righetti High School during the years from 1967 to 1970, and some that were on Classmates but weren't in any yearbooks.  I have combed the internet and utilized 5 different programs to find as many people as I could.  Please, please, shoot me an e-mail at if you have any information on the above list.  Let's make the 50th reunion one to remember with as many people as we can find!