If you would like to answer the e-mail poll on this site, that would be fine.  If you know of anyone who hasn't been contacted and would like to be, please encourage them to come to this site and add/update their information.  As much as we would like to keep all the information on the site, we do understand that not everyone has/wants digital information.  Please encourage them to add their snail mail address and a quick note about preferred method of contact.

The 50th reunion is, by rights, a pretty big one!  Those of us in the initail stages of getting this started would love to contact everyone by whatever means necessary (sorry, no smoke signals).  Please encourage everyone you know to weigh in on this, and anyone who would like to help, no offers are refused!
1) Are you planning to attend our 50th Reunion?
Yes all three events
Yes, but only Friday
Yes, but only Saturday
Yes, but only Sunday
Sorry, but I will be there in spirit!